Brodie McCulloch

Founder and Managing Director, Spacecubed

Brodie is the Founder and Managing Director of Spacecubed and passionate about building ecosystems that support people and organisations who are interested in building the future of work.

Spacecubed enables positive change through the community through its spaces, programs and platform. Spacecubed has grown by 300% over the past three years and continues to work with its members to create new opportunities for them and their businesses. 

With over 3,000 members, Spacecubed has built a range of spaces that support different industries and technologies. These spaces provide both facilities and networks to help connect members with new opportunities. 

Programs including SheCodes and Plus Eight Accelerator have been supporting women to learn to code and investing in a range of startups in WA. 

In order to better enable its community to both collaborate and access spaces, Spacecubed has developed a platform to turn any office into a smart office using augmented reality. This is being developed with members and is used to manage both Spacecubed owned spaces and partner space. 

Brodie completed a Churchill Fellowship to explore global models for supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the US, Canada, UK, China and Singapore. | @space3ed |