Charis Campbell

Corporate Product Manager of Binance Australia

Charis is the Corporate Product Manager of Binance Australia, Australia’s leading digital asset exchange. She creates and manages Binance Australia's product suite roadmap, focusing on the growing demand from corporate and institutional clients.

She has 9+ years of experience across banking technology, sales and wealth management. Charis started her career in financial advising before realising her skillset lends itself more to understanding and tracking consumer behaviour than creating financial spreadsheets. She moved over to the Sales team of Macquarie Group's $100B+ Wealth Management platform, specialising in consulting to high growth financial services firms, including financial advisory, accountants and stockbrokers.

After finishing her MBA and pursuing her love of fintech, she was asked to work across Macquaire's Digital Transformation project. Charis focused on removing banking tech debt and integrating new systems whilst simultaneously re-engineering the CX and product strategies.

Ex-TradFi, Charis has a foot in both camps and wants to bridge the gap between the known traditional finance world and her beloved, ever-changing crypto ecosystem to provide the everyday human with a better finance experience.