David Weir

Co-Founder & CEO, Radium Capital

Created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, Radium Capital helps Australian innovation companies gain early access to their Research & Development Tax Incentive refund. Proudly headquartered in WA, Radium Capital is recognised as Australia’s market leader in R&D financing.

David's career began working for the Department of Environment and Conservation. He then moved into consulting in the private sector at Parsons Brinkerhoff, before a successful stint in the mining industry where he lead operations management and business development for Downer’s mine close department.

Since making the jump to the finance sector in 2015, David helped scale Kikka Capital in his role as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, before founding Radium Capital with fellow co-founders David Brennan and Tony Brennan in 2016.

David has been directly responsible for the origination of all loans at Radium Capital, making him one of the most experienced R&D lending professionals in Australia.