Ross Wyness

Co-founder of VetDB

Ross Wyness is a co-founder of VetDB, the healthtech startup delivering improved animal health and welfare through an interconnected healthcare system. VetDB is revolutionising the way medical data is recorded, verified, and managed in the veterinary health space.

To date, VetDB has partnered with several leading organisations that share their vision for the future and has attracted investment from one of the world's largest healthcare companies. VetDB has raised over $1.2M in seed capital and is a recent recipient of the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

Ross is continually drawn to businesses where he can make a difference, regardless of the industry. Fresh out of his commerce degree, a career with Red Bull was born, cutting his commercial teeth across several departments, from national sales to marketing strategy and brand.

After that, Ross founded a fashion tech marketplace that provided local designers with a platform that connected them with consumers who sought them out. The venture brought a wealth of experience in building a startup company, navigating challenges of early-stage business, and funding strategy. Most importantly, the startup bug bit hard!

With a strong passion for the entrepreneurial journey and the continuous learning curve that comes with it, Ross has a keen interest in other's endeavours and enjoys adding value where he can.

When not working, Ross enjoys having a camera in one hand, a surfboard in the other and immersing himself in nature.