Sam Kroonenburg

Co-Founder & CEO, A Cloud Guru

Sam Kroonenburg and his brother Ryan co-founded A Cloud Guru in 2015 with a simple purpose: to democratise access to cloud technical education so that anyone, anywhere could access exciting career opportunities in technology.

With backgrounds in technology, Sam and Ryan realised early on that available training options didn’t reflect the exciting, fun, and interesting nature of future technologies. This inspired them to build a new online training platform that could fit into learners’ busy lives around the world. Since its inception, A Cloud Guru has enabled 2.5 million learners and over 4,500 organisations to achieve a brighter future.

Sam has been CEO of A Cloud Guru from its inception to until most recently when ACG was acquired by Pluralsight, a US online technical education company.  Sam is passionate about the common purpose of the combined companies and is now running the cloud division for Pluralsight, focusing on the training courses related to the technology of big players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.