Tracey Plowman

COO Bamboo

Chief Operations Officer for cutting-edge cryptocurrency app, Bamboo; Tracey Plowman is among just a handful of women taking on executive roles in the digital assets space. Tracey is extremely motivated to encourage more women into technology and believes this can help to empower their investment choices and establish financial freedom.

A brand and marketing expert, with 15 years’ experience in senior management, Tracey has worked across a range of industries before becoming immersed in the cryptocurrency sector in 2017.

Tracey’s interest in cryptocurrencies was sparked, while working as operations manager for a digital investment fund.  This fostered her passion for cryptocurrencies and trading in this new asset class.

Tracey undertook courses and dedicated herself to studying charts and understanding the science of blockchain, recognising the value of apps like Bamboo to bring crypto to the masses.